“Boots on the Ground Realtor” After the Banksters and Wall Street got through with the everyday American

I’ve been making my living in the Real Estate business in SW Florida since 1988.  I began by working for developers but in 2000, after seeing the lack of service typically delivered by local agencies and with the help of my Broker husband, I hung my own shingle.   Life was great for several years, although late in 2003 my life started to fall apart.  Plagued with back problems since a high school auto accident, in 2004 I had major back surgery.  Wonderfully successful but recovery took a long, long time.  My parents who were in Texas were now sick, needing lots of care.  My life became a series of trips back and forth, for the first time my work became my second focus.  Over the next 6 years, I would lose, one each year, my Mother, Father, Mother in Law and Father in Law, everyone who had always loved me no matter what!  I fell into a clinical depression, so many aspects of my life falling apart, my family,my retirement and financial security.  A panic attack one night was the final blow when my spouse proved I didn’t have unconditional love from him either.

It is in that light, I’m about to get the education of my life, on a part of real estate I’d never known nor even heard of.  I’m not sure if it was there all along and I simply never encountered it but I had literally never heard of a foreclosure in Lee County, in what was then 20 years of experience.  This education has taken me, as it has most others I’ve read about and apparently it’s a right of passage, a road we all must travel to finally force ourselves to believe banks, enabled by the courts, have committed such vile and egregious crimes.  It truly is physically and mentally disturbing at every core of our beings.  But even worse, when you learn that most Judges and our entire judicial system have allowed law to be bullied and broken, all at the cost of millions and millions of human beings and their respective lives.  Their children, their work, their social structures forever affected by the shame and sorrow of losing a home and becoming a homeless family.  When we’ve finally done the homework, we find like-minded citizens and victims, who have at least begun the descent into what they call the worm hole, where each new depth is exactly that.  A new depth of evil, deceitful, bankers/lenders with no compulsion to stay within the law and do whatever is necessary to increase that bottom line.   Who could enjoy making money off the likes of this?

A side effect of this knowledge is thankfully finally finding other voices and stories like your own, where you feel safe to open up and tell the world how mad you are and we must fix it.




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